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Aircraft brake dismounting cart

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  • Aircraft brake dismounting cart
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Product description:

At present, the replacement of aircraft brake by all airlines is basically carried out manually . The disadvantage is that the brake weight of a large aircraft is very inconvenient, especially for the large aircraft.
the brake is heavy, much bigger,and not easy to operate and replace.
In this case, aircraft brake dismounting cart designed by our company according to user requirements can be applied to the handling, installation and hoisting of various kinds of brake components.
It has the advantages of small volume, light weight and convenient operation.

Product application:

The aircraft brake dismounting cart with a hydraulic clamp can clamp the aircraft brake, which ensures the brake stability when the it is raised and the it is lowered.
After clamping the brake and changing it to the lifting state through the reversing valve, it can control the height of the brake, and the highest ground height is 450mm. After the brake is replaced, it can be directly installed on the wheel transport vehicle.
The aircraft brake dismounting cart is also equipped with a brake hoist, which can be used to lift the brake out of the packing box. It can replace the manual work of lifting

Product specialty:

  • lift weight: 400KG
  • elevation: 10-500 millimeter
  • clamping maximum diameter of 680 mm; clamping minimum diameter: 300 mm
  • power: manual hydraulic
  • shape size 2000x1500 X1100
  • Adsorption and stripping

Model selection:


Aircraft model


"Boeing" B-737, 757 ,767,777
"Airbus". A319/320/321
For all aircraft brake.

Application case:

  • China International Aviation
  • Eastern Airlines
  • Southern Airlines
  • Huaxia Airlines
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Shandong Airlines
  • Dalian Airport
  • Shenzhen Airport
  • Beijing AMECO
  • Guangzhou GAMECO

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