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aircraft wheel assembly machine

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  • aircraft wheel assembly machine
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Product description:

The Aircraft wheel assembly machine provides the correct use of the machine wheel assembly machine. Please followthe instructions carefully ,And only the trainees can operate and maintain this Aircraft wheel assembly machine.
Aircraft wheel assembly machine is designed for the assembly of the Aircraft wheel.
It is used to assemble the wheel hub with the tire and tighten the screw, Aircraft wheel assembly machine will be equipped with different tooling plates , so it could be used for all aircraft wheels.

Product application:

The aircraft wheel assembly machine is used to assemble the aircraft tires and wheels on the wheel.
Due to special use and practical environment, all parts must be checked regularly, and the damaged parts should be changed.
please use the original spare parts to repair, maintenance or maintenance must be professional.
It is the responsibility of the operator to check the operation order and the safety of the tyre assembly machine before the start work .
The operator of each tyre assemble machine must be executed and responsible for the safety of the assembly machine.
The operator should not carry out any maintenance and repair work.

Product specialty:

Main technical parameters
Diameter of tires: 381mm-1524mm
Hydraulic working pressure: Max10Mpa
Hydraulic working oil: L-HM46
Power supply: 380V, 2.2Kw, 50Hz, 3 phase
Length: About 1800mm
Width: About 1800mm
Altitude: About 1800mm
Total weight: 900kg

Model selection:


Aircraft model


"Boeing" B-737, 757 ,767,777
""Airbus". A319/320/321
For all aircraft wheels.

Application case:

  • China International Aviation
  • Eastern Airlines
  • Southern Airlines
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Shandong Airlines
  • Dalian Airport
  • Shenzhen Airport
  • Beijing AMECO
  • Guangzhou GAMECO

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